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Telmore is a prominent internet provider in Denmark, offering a variety of plans to meet the needs of diverse customers. Their offerings range from 5G to 4G internet solutions, catering to different speed and connectivity requirements.

Customers can choose between 5G and 4G internet services. Telmore’s 5G internet is touted as the latest and fastest option, providing customers with the top-tier speed and connectivity. On the other hand, their 4G service offers reliable internet access at a slightly lower cost.

Telmore emphasizes ease of setup, promising customers a hassle-free experience. With just three steps – insert the SIM card, connect the router, and turn on the power – users can quickly access the internet. This process is streamlined whether one opts for 4G or 5G, ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Pricing and Packages

The company’s pricing structure is transparent, with clear information on initial costs, monthly fees, and minimum contract periods. For example, their 5G service includes a router and has an activation fee, with detailed pricing for different data limits. Similar clarity is provided for 4G packages, allowing customers to make informed choices based on their needs.

Package TypeData LimitRouter TypeSetup FeePrice (First 3 Months)Price (After 3 Months)Minimum Price (6 Months)
5G Internet1000 GB5G Router149 kr.269 kr./month539 kr./month2.573 kr.
4G Internet1000 GB4G Router99 kr.249 kr./month499 kr./month2.343 kr.
5G with Streaming1000 GB5G Router149 kr.489 kr./monthNot specified3.083 kr.
4G with Streaming1000 GB4G Router99 kr.449 kr./monthNot specified2.793 kr.
Portable 5 GB5 GBMobile Router99 kr.49 kr./monthNot specified148 kr.
Portable 40 GB40 GBMobile Router99 kr.99 kr./monthNot specified198 kr.
Portable 125 GB125 GB4G Router99 kr.149 kr./monthNot specified993 kr.
Portable 250 GB250 GB4G Router99 kr.199 kr./monthNot specified1.293 kr.

Internet on the Go

For users needing mobile internet solutions, Telmore offers portable options with varying data limits. These plans are ideal for those who need connectivity while traveling or away from a fixed location.

Internet with Streaming

Recognizing the growing demand for digital entertainment, Telmore also bundles internet services with streaming options. Customers can choose packages that include popular streaming services, combining internet access with entertainment in one convenient offering.

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