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Telenor has evolved significantly since its inception 30 years ago. Originating as Sonofon and undergoing various transformations, Telenor Denmark is now a major player in the telecommunications industry.

Their journey includes notable milestones such as the launch of their 4G network in 2013, the pioneering introduction of VoLTE and WiFi calling in 2016, and the significant expansion of their 5G network by 2020. This evolution underscores Telenor’s commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.


5G Home Internet

Telenor’s 5G home internet promises ultra-fast connectivity, enabling multiple users to access high-speed internet simultaneously.

The service is user-friendly, with a quick and easy setup that gets you online in about five minutes.

The flexibility of the 5G router allows for internet access on the go, perfect for use in different locations, such as summer houses.

Wired Internet Options

Offers ultra-fast and stable internet through fiber or cable, catering to the entire household’s needs.

The inclusion of a high-speed WiFi 6 router enhances the user experience, providing one of the best connections available in the market.

The fiber option presents the fastest connection, with speeds up to 2,500 Mbit, while cable connections offer up to 1,000 Mbit.

Mobile Internet

Telenor’s mobile internet service delivers connectivity through a device like a tablet, allowing you to stay connected in various locations.

It includes features like Safe Surf and offers +15 GB in 47 countries, emphasizing security and extensive coverage.


With a coverage rate of 98.7%, Telenor’s services span almost the entire country, ensuring that the majority of Danish households can access their internet solutions. The integration of internet and mobile services offers a cohesive experience, potentially offering benefits for existing Telenor mobile subscribers.

Telenor’s commitment to technological advancement is evident in their robust 5G network, which covers 95% of Denmark, and their historical milestones, such as the introduction of 4G and VoLTE services. Their focus on customer experience is highlighted by the inclusion of advanced routers and security features in their offerings.

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