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Jetnet is a internet provider in Denmark, offering internet services that range in speed from 100 to 1000 Mbit/s. They provide flexible pricing options, starting at 179 DKK per month, with various promotional offers available to new customers.

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DKK 179

per month

Customers can choose plans starting at just 179 DKK per month, with current promotions offering substantial savings. The initial setup is free, and discounts are provided for the first six months. Additionally, customers can enjoy a 12-month Norton subscription and one month of Podimo, enhancing their online experience.

Jetnet simplifies the process of getting started. Customers begin by checking service availability at their address. Once confirmed, they can easily sign up and link their payment method, ensuring a seamless transition to their new internet service.

Connections and Coverage

Jetnet prides itself on utilizing only the finest technologies, including fiber and coaxial connections. Their network spans across multiple providers such as TDC Net, Norlys, and GlobalConnect, ensuring extensive coverage and reliable service.

Opting for Jetnet means choosing quality and affordability. Their focus on high-speed broadband ensures that customers receive efficient and reliable internet service. The added bonuses of Norton and Podimo subscriptions provide extra value, making Jetnet a compelling choice for those seeking a comprehensive internet solution in Denmark.

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